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What you need to know about penis growth, without the hype

These are my thoughts on the whole penis growth buzz: if it’s real why wouldn’t you do it? If its not real, what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe lose a few bucks and waste a bit of time, big deal, the marketing industry has had a hold on us for decades, so I think I can leave with another disappointment after believing what some former porn actor has to say about how to grow the size of my penis.

First things first: does penis size matter? Common sense and basic knowledge of the anatomy of a vagina tells us that size doesn’t matter, because the sensitive area of a woman’s vagina is outside (the clitoris) and within 2 centimeters inside the opening, at the top wall.

So from a purely physical standpoint, it’s perfectly possible satisfy a woman with a short penis. But what about the psychological factors? I think that here is where most people will find reasons to try to grow their penises.

I think most males think that a bigger penis is going to impress women, and this maybe right, but just as it is right to think that big biceps will. It is purely an aesthetic thing. We all know that the size of women’s breasts doesn’t increase the sexual pleasure BUT… most guys will dive into a big pair of watermelons when given the opportunity and women know this which is why they are willing to implant silicone prosthesis inside their chests risking their health.

So should you or should you not increase the size of your penis: you should if you want to. Just be sure to understand the real reasons you are doing it for, and don’t expect to magically pleasure your women more than you are already doing with your current penis size.

That said… it is actually possible to achieve?

Well, this is tricky as well, obviously no real doctor is going to tell you that it is possible. The claims made in marketing and advertising have not been verified by any medical organization. So the answer should be a conservative no.

However, if you are the kind that ventures into the unproven and are happy to work on the basis of what sounds logical and reasonable, here are some hypothesis for you:

Some penis growth techniques are supplements based. This means by ingesting a capsule which contains a cocktail of herbs, eventually you will have increased libido and better blood flow in your penis area. Anecdotal evidence suggests there is something to these claims, and there are some popular herbs that have been consumed for ages in some eastern countries with the general consensus that they do provide an enhancement in male functions. Sometimes modern science comes to the aid of these supplement cocktails by contributing with some fundamental endocrinological knowledge. For example, it is known that magnesium and zinc play an important role in the production of testosterone, it is also know that some B vitamins play a role in the reduction of cortisol (which competes with testosterone because the endocrine system only has an amount of hormones that it can produce). So all of these vitamins and minerals get thrown into these cocktails, and some may work better than others, and also some may work better for some people than others. Either way, even if you do get some results, you shouldn’t expect them to be overnight or miraculous.

The second approach to penis growth is the mechanical approach. This involves the actual physical manipulation of your penis in a way that it is stretched in many different ways to achieve a larger length and width. The exercises should be done with caution and consistency, and again, there seems to be enough anecdotal evidence online to suggest that these techniques do work to a degree.

There are also some devices that (usually some sort of pump that creates a suction force that extends your shaft) can be found online to make this process more consistent.

Thirdly, another approach would be to simply use it more frequently. To this point, fleshlight has been the market leader for a few years and continually innovating. It is likely that the consistent and frequent increase in blood circulation in the area will eventually develop into a new state of tissue and vessels that are used to this type of activity and hence adapted to it. Very much like a muscle ends up getting bigger through the consistent stress imposed by weight exercises.

So there you have it. 3 approaches to penis growth without hype. You can use all three or you can choose any of them or none. Remember this: this WONT affect how much pleasure you can give to a woman, but it can build your confidence and this is one of the most important skills you need to be good under the sheets.